Periodontal Therapy

Treating & Restoring Damaged Gum Tissue

Periodontal therapy is a set of treatments aimed at preventing, controlling, and reversing periodontal disease. It typically includes a combination of non-surgical procedures, such as scaling and root planing, and surgical procedures, such as pocket reduction or regeneration of lost tissue. The goal of periodontal therapy is to promote gum health and improve overall oral hygiene.

What is a periodontal pocket?

A periodontal pocket is a space between the teeth and gum line that can become filled with bacteria and debris. These pockets form as a result of a buildup of tartar, plaque, and calculus and can cause inflammation, infection, and periodontal disease. Deep cleaning methods, such as scaling and root planing, are used to reduce the depth of these pockets and restore the health of the gum tissue.

Treatment Options

A variety of methods are used in gingivitis therapy, also known as “gum therapy.” These are the treatment options we offer:

  • Dental Deep Cleaning: Your dental professional may suggest a procedure known as scaling and root planing (SRP). This involves removing any debris and calcified deposits that have built up on your teeth. It is designed to clean deep below the gum line, removing irritants and bacteria that can compromise your oral health. SRP can also help restore the balance of your gums and bones.
  • Antibiotic Treatment; Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics in pill form or as a topical gel to be applied directly to gum pockets. Sometimes, these medications are administered in low concentrations for long-term treatments or in high doses for short-term treatments to ensure that bacteria do not re-colonize the area.
  • Dental Pocket Reduction: Dental pocket reduction is a procedure that reduces the depths of the periodontal pockets, meaning spaces between teeth and gums. It’s done by removing any unhealthy tissue and reshaping the bone and gum tissues, helping to reduce any potential for further buildup of plaque and tartar. This procedure can help reduce inflammation and restore the health of the gums.
  • Bone Grafting: Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is used to help restore bone loss in the jaw due to periodontal disease. During the procedure, bone graft material is placed into areas where bone has been lost. This helps to provide a stable base for tissue regeneration and create a strong foundation for dental implants and restoration of healthy, strong gum tissue around teeth.

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