Traditional Braces

orthodontic Braces in Las Vegas

Metal braces are the most cost-effective solution for orthodontic treatment, and they provide excellent results in patients requiring significant alignment correction.

Furthermore, they have a solid reputation for durability. The leading dental practice in Las Vegas, BYND DNTL, offers orthodontics that are second to none. Traditional braces are available, and we can provide cosmetic teeth whitening in-house following their removal.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Traditional Metal Braces?

Metal braces have proven to be an effective way of straightening teeth. For people with more serious bite alignment issues, braces are ideal, as they can correct a wide range of orthodontic ailments such as overcrowding of teeth, overbite, and underbite malocclusions.

Before starting teeth straightening treatment, ideal candidates will have healthy teeth and gums with no signs of tooth decay or gingivitis. If you need treatment for underlying conditions, we can get your oral health into better shape with our suite of general dentistry services.

What Is the Treatment Process Like for Traditional Braces?

When we are determining your treatment options, we will take X-rays and intraoral scans using our iTero scanner. These will give us in-depth information about the health of your teeth, jaw, and gums. We can also form a mold of your mouth with these scans to determine the severity of malocclusion, spacing, or alignment issues.

Once we decide that traditional braces are the best option, we will design your treatment plan and attach your brackets. Brackets are attached with strong dental glue, then the archwire is strung through the brackets. Typically, the archwire is secured to the brackets with rubber bands, though some braces options are self-ligating (the brackets secure to the archwire with metal clasps). 

In order for braces treatment to be successful, we have to carefully orchestrate tooth movement, so that it takes place over a long period of time. Moving teeth too quickly can result in permanent root damage. This is why you may be required to wear braces for anywhere from 6 months to several years.

Will I Have to Wear a Retainer After My Braces Are Removed?

Whether you straighten your teeth with metal braces or clear aligners, you will have to wear a retainer. Your teeth have muscle memory, so moving them over a long period of time helps them adjust to their new positions. Still, even years in braces won’t convince your teeth to stay permanently. Your retainer keeps your teeth trained at their new positions. Ideally, you can reduce the amount of time you wear your retainer over a period of several years.

Take Advantage of Our Cosmetic Teeth Straightening Treatment at BYND Dental

If you’re looking for orthodontics in Las Vegas, consider BYND Dental. Our dentist has spent more than a decade learning every aspect of dentistry, so she can provide balanced, expert care to her patients. Our team would love to consult with you about creating a treatment regimen that will give you better oral health and the aesthetic smile improvement you’ve been hoping for. Call (702) 362-9353 today.