Cleanings & Checkups

Cleanings & Checkups in Las Vegas, Nevada

Regular Visits Can Prevent a Host of Oral Health Problems

Visiting regularly isn’t just about preventing cavities and maintaining healthy habits. When you see us more often, we can determine trends in your oral health that help to identify, treat, and prevent problems with your whole-body health. We’re here to support you in more than just gum and tooth conditions. We’re here to bolster every aspect of your well-being through comprehensive dental medicine.

What Can You Expect During a Routine Appointment?

We will likely recommend X-rays to have a digital representation of what is happening below the surface of the teeth. We will look for signs of tooth deterioration, gum disease, and oral cancer. During our exam, we also measure the depth of your gum pockets and may recommend additional treatment for gingivitis or gum disease.

During your dental cleaning, we use gentle techniques to scrape away tartar from the gum line and between the teeth. Tartar discolors your teeth and gives plaque bacteria a safe place to damage and decay the dentin. After we clean your teeth and gums, we may perform a fluoride treatment. Topical fluoride usually comes in a paste that we brush onto the surface of the tooth. These treatments give your teeth a better shot at defending against tooth decay until your next visit.

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