Imaging & X-Rays

Digital Imaging and X-Rays in
Las Vegas, Nevada

Why We May Recommend Digital Imaging

Dental X-Rays are used to prepare for many procedures, including dental fillings, implants, tooth extractions, and cosmetic smile designs. They allow us to plan for any contingencies, consider the existing structure of your mouth, and prevent mistakes or side effects that may affect the success of your procedure

We will always prioritize your health and recommend only the services you need, so dental digital imaging may not be necessary for every appointment. New X-rays are typically only required every few years. Where possible, we will reduce your exposure to radiation and suggest alternative imaging methods. However, if X-rays are required, there’s no reason for anxiety. X-rays are safe and necessary diagnostic tools that better your odds against a variety of health conditions.

Compared to traditional methods, our modern imaging approach offers several advantages:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster imaging times
  • Lower radiation exposure
  • A more detailed view of the patient’s teeth and jaw structure

We Also Use Intraoral Scanners to Plan and Develop Your Treatment

The iTero Intraoral Scanner: State-of-the-Art Technology

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