Preventive & Periodontal Therapy

Essential Preventive Care

Practicing good dental hygiene is integral to preventing gum disease and preserving your overall health. We recommend regular dental checkups for maintaining your oral health. We provide a variety of Preventive dental care services, and our friendly and accommodating staff can’t wait to work with you.

Gum Disease: Prevention and Early Detection

Regular dental checkups are vital for detecting periodontal disease early. Dental cleanings are necessary for several reasons including stopping and reversing gum disease.

Early detection can also prevent oral bacteria and pathogens from getting into the bloodstream and causing inflation in other parts of the body. Take note that those with a genetic predisposition to gum disease should be especially mindful of their oral health, as they may be more susceptible to developing it than others.

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In partnership with the Las Vegas community, BYND dental and their team of dental professionals are committed to ensuring exceptional oral health care for all.

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